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Mobility Partners Inc. delivers stellar services to our customers by offering a variety of add- on options with the RAM ProMaster. Options include Braun Lift, Ricon Lift, the Stanchion Pole, and an Aluminum Running Board with Led. With easy access 260-Degree rear door openings, folding almost flat to the side of the van gives passengers the maximization of space and convenience.

The RAM ProMaster features a reinforced floor with L Tracks, passenger windows, interior panel, and headliner, front to rear led lightening, rear HVAC, sound deadening and insulation, and a 3 Year/36,000 mile Uplift Warranty. It provides exceptional durability and has weight capacity of 4,440 LBS.

Considered a pioneer of elite transport vehicles, the RAM ProMaster delivers a Class-Exclusive Front Wheel Drive (FWD) system, that allows the convenience of nimble and responsive handling through heavily populated areas, such as worksites, cities, and narrow streets.

We offer various seating options to accommodate our customers such as 3-Point, Trieste, Esquire, and folding double bench chairs. As professionals, we specialize in modifying cargo vans into dependable, durable, and most importantly, safe passenger vans.

The RAM ProMaster can operate on both gas and diesel, and has incredible capabilities maximizing its power potential. With exceptional enhancement, it has proven capability by minimizing changes between gears, offering smooth driving, and optimizing endurance for heavy loads.

At Mobility Partners Inc., we pride ourselves to make safety a top priority for our passengers. The RAM ProMaster is considered to be one of the safest mobility vehicles on the market. With Anti-Lock brakes, stability control, front impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags, pretensioners, state of the art security system, our passenger vans delivers first-rate safety and comfort.

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